joi, 28 februarie 2013

Baby Blue

They say the weather is fine when is sunny in your heart. Hmmm, I have many reasons to feel warm inside and 'cause is such a nice day and finally warm outside, I'm wearing a "Welcome Spring" outfit!:D  I couldn't wait to put on this blue coat I absolutely love and didn't had the chance to wear yet.  I've matched its strong color with a little black and a touch of hot red. You can check a selection of shots below and I hope you guys also like this excentric style. Kisses





I was wearing: Marccain Sports Coat
                            Furla bag
                          Prada sunglasses
                        Black stockings
                       Leather red shoes
                      Head band from Meli Melo

marți, 19 februarie 2013

A very special guest!

"They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style." I have a very special guest in today's post! Cause she's been there for me since many years, through good and especially through bad times, being my friend, my sister and also one of my best photographers for this blog, which she helped me create! So, I want to wish, here too, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bbf, Diana Ghirasin, and, to many more memories together, till we grow old, but still remain fancy! :))




I was wearing: H&M dress
                           Zara natural fur vest
                         Stradivarius boots
                        Walkiki purse
                       H&M necklace

luni, 18 februarie 2013

Take your style with you!

It doesn't really matter where you're at or who you are going to see. If you really respect yourself and pretend to be a real fashionista you will never leave the house anything less but dressed up! So, wherever you go don't forget to take your style with you. You wouldn't want to be normal or unoriginal even  if you are at the gym or at the bakery:)) As for me, I was only taking a walk in town on a  day predicting Spring. No special mission. So I chose something cozy, cream with black accents and decided to leave the jacket home!:)


I was wearing: Orsay short leather pants
                            Zara boots
                          H&M blouse
                        Prada sunglasses
                       YSL bag

miercuri, 13 februarie 2013

Yellow hat

"Clothes without accessories are like sex without orgasm" said a designer. Hahaha. True! So today's accessory is this yellow hat. Waldorf style, love it! You can put anything on but all that catches your eye is actually the hat, and that's the point of it. It gives a spring and joyfull touch to all my outfit and makes you feel remarked everytime;) Hope you guys follow the shots and have a sunny day.

Kisses, Mel