vineri, 6 decembrie 2013

Some things are not for sell!

Today, as I was bringing a gift to my bbf, I saw a a fire.. for him and his dog, near the river I  live by...He was sleeping there, at -5 degrees, he was eating there too. Stepping forward I looked up at the top floor window of the hospital, where my mom was lying in bed only few months ago. I thought about her safe at home, about the warm embrace I was going to get as soon as I step back home, at her smile and her little gossip about the childish things I bought us for St Nicolas, about the smell of homemade ''mom'' food and about our eternal conspiracy to make dad please us in all! I thought about all the things life could have taken from me in just one sec, and realized how lucky I really was, to have it all. A mom, a dad, a brother, a bestfriend, a dog, a house, warm clothes, food, love, 'cause God, I've been loved...maybe more then I 've deserved, beauty, adventure, life! So please guys, on this day of St Nicolas, don't think about all the presents you wished for and didn't get, think about all the gifts life has given you so far and cherish them 'till you can. Cause happiness is all about moments, and some moments are priceless.