marți, 11 februarie 2014

I didn't go there to show off, I went there to live!

Life seems much easier from behind a big window glass and a white laptop in a pink room. But real life strikes as soon as you leave your comfort zone. Lazy as a Disney princess  I've decided to step out of my pink and cozy kingdom and move to London! Plan done, huge lugagges ready, flew there one early Monday morning. Nothing easier. As all bloggers do, I had the impression I'd write and post daily news, quick impresions and fab outfits from there. But going there to live has nothing to do to with going there to show off. The extremely moody weather and the 2h bus route doesn't allow you to dress awsome and be followed always by jobless paparazzi!  So I've decided to just live! Simple, fast, nice, common, like all londinish people do there. I understood that the things you do for yourself and for your heart are the most important and you should always follow your grove, don't be led by what others want, pretend or like you to do. It's your time, you live and your choices. In one month there I've succesully captured some pics, of real life with good moments. You have them here guys! Thank you for following me, wherever I might go! Yours, but more mine, Mel