vineri, 28 martie 2014

Vintage details

 Some days I wake up with a certain inspiration....I don't know if it depends on what I dream about or just my daily mood, but usualy I already have a clue on what I'm gonna put on. Spring has taken over the city and I am totaly gonna please her sight wearing a dress and sandals today! Although this zara neon dress is very inn, I've changed its style by adding some vintage details, which I love. The hearted belt from a vintage shop, a textile bear bag that I bought from Italy years ago and my mom's golden earings are today's choice. Like the combo? I do, it makes me feel retro and chic, and different, like always! Kisses guys. Have a nice weekend!

vineri, 14 martie 2014

Modern Bride

As every romantic girl does, I daydream about my wedding day and especially about my bride dress. But without having a crystal globe to check , the dream stays just a dream for now. Hopefully not a very far away one. Till then lets reinterpretate a bit a bride to be. We have the dress.....and hmmm ...the bouquet! These two pieces are practically the most important items of the big day! So we are close.:) If we put some ingredients such as innocence, genuinity and a confident attitude we're pretty much done! Voila. Who plans to catch the bouquet?:)))Muah guys...Have an awesome weekend!

joi, 13 martie 2014

The B-Day Girl!

 La primavera! Ohhh, definitely my favourite season. That is probably because I was born in one of her moody days. It wakes me to live, it makes me shine and smile and wanna to do a million things each second. It's refreshing and cozy, the trees blooming, the birds singing again, all nature comes to live, and so do I. I just love it. And as the weather totaly decided to please me for the 9 march, this is the outfit I've choose to wear. Colorful, classy and chic. Suits perfectly my new age! Kiss guys and have a beautiful Spring!