joi, 19 decembrie 2013

Midnight thoughts

Hi guys. I know some of you are probably wondering why I'm actually writting here. Heloooo! I'm aware that fashion blogging is an huge industry nowadays and there are billions of wells styled up girls all over the world managing a blog far better than this one. In fact some of them are very talented romanian girls, who I daily admire and inspire me. But that won't stop me from doing my own thing, 'cause guess what? I'm beggining to like it. 
Though Mel's Dolce Vita is just a ''baby'' blog yet, and I might not have the perfect camera or a professional photographer running all the fashion street and luxury shops with me, I'm trying my best, with what I have. 
And that is passion! Ohh yes, also a second hand D60 Nikon camera.
 Now guess again! That's quite enough if your aiming to change the ''too much, too kitch, too simple'' perspective, imprinted on the majority. 
You bet I dream as well of travelling every inch of the planet and posting every minute some spectacular pics of me dressed in every single gourgeous piece of the highest fashion collections, but not all of us can be as lucky as Chiara. Still, a girl can dream, can't she? We all have dreams and idols, few motivation. 
So I started up this hobby mostly hopping to bring a little inspiration to all the girls in desperate need to define their own style. I did it because I want to see different outfits at our local mall, special combos at the coffeeshops, more color at the post office' line, a pinch of casualty in the park, sophistication in the restaurants, and definitely more class at the parties!
 Sometimes including only streetstyle outfits, other times tips or just conffesions, my post are meant to show that you can be unique without having to wear extremely expensive brands or exclusivist items, and that you can be classy either you pose in Baia Mare or Milan. 
The clothes don't make the man, Man makes them!:) 
So, despite your critics or gossip, thank you guys for following my blog, the diary of your little fashionista, Melinda Man