luni, 23 septembrie 2013

A walk in my boyfriend' jeans

What can you do best on a sunny Sunday of September? A walk in the park with your very bestfriend seems just perfect. Some pics and maybe a yummy lunch out? Even better! And a nice movie to end the day? Mission completed! Below you can find some prouf and the pieces for a comfy outfit. I've put my boyfriend's jeans on cause he's far away and I miss him!:))<3 Kiss you all my dears!

sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2013

Back to school...after 10 years!

9.00A.M! The sound of the alarm! Oh God, just like in highschool, only a little bit later!:)) The big day has finally come. Back to school... after 10 years. I'm grumpy and nervous, excited and stressed, typicaly Mel. So, let's start; put some light make up on, done my hair, curly but stylish, chose my clothes (hmm, hard work)! 1h and I'm done.:D Happy with the result: kept the pink spot (that made me remarkable in my highschool girly days), with this lovely Zara coat, but updaded with the lady version of a Marccain dress, a pair of Zanotti heels, the classic Chanel bag and some discreet diamonds! I'm pleased with the new yet old me. I picked up my bestfriend forever, and drove my MelMobil till the place filled with 4 years of the best youth' memories. As we step inside, a warm emotion comes in, and almost makes me cry....our teachers, the colleagues, the room itself.... It's amazing how you can turn back in time at least for 2h. So, we speak and catch up, we kiss and hug and make new memories. It was adorable and I'm fully gratetful I could make it and be there this day. So guys, when you'll have this thing coming, please don't miss it, cause it's once in a lifetime!