miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013


Yesterday afternoon, as the city was covered with snow, I was in bed, improving this blog of mine, in order to make it better for you anonymous followers. And while I was stuffing myself with winter goodies, my father stepped in holding a book. Hmmm, ''what book is that'', I wondered, as he hand it over. ''Go on, check it out, he replied, I'm sure you'll like it.'' I don't know if it was because it contained my name or just parts of my favorite tv series, but the title definitely got my attention, ''The man and the city. True story from Baia Mare.'' The book itself was special, more like a big photo album dedicated to my city beauties. I couldn't believe my eyes when, at page 14 I found a picture of me. Yeah, I was happy. Happy to be part of this book, a book created by 3 very talented foreign photographers; the book that tells the true story of the city; because all the photos are made in ''paparazzi'' mood, so no one was aware of their future role in the book. Neither was I. That is what makes it real and vibrant. The moment they've captured me, really defines Mel's Dolce Vita spirit. I'm in the old city center, all dressed up , making a photo shooting with 2 of my best friends for a post. I remember we called that summer day, the Sex and the City alike reunion.

  It's nice to have now also a public memory of it. Many thanks to the authors for reminding us what beautiful city we live in..... and thanks dad, for your lovely surprise.:)