sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

Milla Jovovich bag for Tommy Hilfiger

  Good morning fashionistas! Today's style icon is this venetian red   bag, limited edition, from Milla Yovovich. It was a special present from someone dear to me. I've paired it with this flower dress from H&M, a wool sweather from Mango, a necklace from Follie Follie and a red ring also from H&M. I think it's ok for an italian lunch out.:p Kisses!

vineri, 29 iunie 2012

Country style

This outfit was my favourite choice for a summer day I spent with my girls in Timisoara. Although is almost two years since then I still remember the fun we had and the necks we turned!;)) It was a joyfull day and I would still wear this country style anytime! Xoxo

I was wearing: Stradivarius floral dress
                             Vero moda knitted vest
                            Leather boots
                           H&M bracelets
                          Ray Ban sunglasses
                         Lv bag

joi, 28 iunie 2012

Kiss from a rose...

Rise and shine everybody! It's a new summer morning and I'm ha ving my latte in bed. Yesterday was my daddy's name day and he took the three of us, me, mom and Blanche, out to lunch to a nice restaurant out of town to celebrate it properly. So I took the oportunity to dress nice and also take some pics for you out in the nature.....kissed from roses. Xoxo

miercuri, 27 iunie 2012

Moi Lolita!

       Bonjour mes cheries! So retro, so girly and so....pink today!


I was wearing: Gradma's sweather
                              Zara vintage skirt
                              Zara bag
                             Bershka sandals
                            Pink hat
                           Retro socks
                          Pearl necklace

marți, 26 iunie 2012

6.00 a.m. shooting

As I told you yesterday, about the crazy party on Saturday,  here are some pictures to prove the night was so long........that the dawn caught me shooting at 6.00 am!:p Hope you guys like them!

I was wearing:H&M dress
                            Vintage sandals
                           Marc Chantal vintage bag
                          Primark bracelet
                         H&M necklace

luni, 25 iunie 2012


After a rough Saturday night out with the girls I had a very lazy Sunday. So, I only refreshed few hours at one of our summer resorts....this time more in the shadow then in the spotlight!:)))

I was wearing: Pepermint shirt
                              New look swimsuit
                             Furla bracelets
                             Playboy sunglasses
                             Primark nail polish

joi, 21 iunie 2012

Tutti frutti

Morning ladies and gentlemen! For today I've prepared a puzzle of photos with Mel spotted in tutti frutti swimsuits along few years during her summer days spent in different places of the world. Every summer has a story....... read mine! Xoxo