vineri, 17 ianuarie 2014

Mel goes to feed the squirrels!

Morning my dears! After almost one week in London, I must tell you, probably nothing new though, that a sunny day it's actually a miracle here! SO, I had to immediately take advantage of the weather, and do one of the things I love the most about this country,( besides shopping of course), to feed the squirrels and the ducks. I had that going in my mind ever since Dorotha was acompaning Miss Blair to do that every morning in NYE. After all the fus of this big city, a day like this is so relaxing, like a pink balloon in a grey sky. The animals are amazing as they get so very close to you and not fear you at all. And all the parks here are simply beautiful. The day clossed perfectly this time, with dinner at an old classic londonien pub, with goodies and laughter and a warm fireplace. I'll keep you posted to some other of my adventures. when I wasn't quite so lucky! Haha. See you soon guys, Yours from London, Mel.