marți, 17 decembrie 2013

Budapest Christmas Fair

Don't we all love Christmas Markets? Whether in Paris, London, Brussel, New York or Rome they all share the same spirit. Positive energy, sparkling lights, huge smiles, tones of sweets, winter decorations, hot wine, 1000 new faces, one feeling, HAPPINESS! 

  To visit one (or more) Christmas Fairs is definitely one of my favourite december traditions. This year the chosen one was Budapest 'cause it's closer to my city and somehow, closer to my heart!:)
        I couldn't get bored of this city, because although I've been here many times, so far, remains for sure, one of the best capitals in Europe!
       It has it all: awsome night views, beautiful places to visit, luxurious hotels, exquisite restaurants, classy clubs, good shops and many Winterlands.
       The Budapest Christmas fair, right on the touristic street, Vaci Utca was delightful, as always. I've tried all of its goodies, bougth some nice presents and souvenirs and charged myself with angel dust. 
      Despite the ''stress'' of having it all checked in just 2 days of accomodation I returned home feeling happy and blessed for the beautiful experience.

     I hope you've had a sneak pick from my pics, although their quality is not the best. 
   But as you can surely understand I had better things to do there than pose!:)