duminică, 17 martie 2013


The outfit for a freezing but sunny Sunday walk, ready! :D Like it? Girls, in order to make a good outfit, you have to start from one single, special clothing item. For example, today I've chose these leggins; I put them on and walked around the room, looking for matching pieces. Whatever you decide to wear has to make you feel comfortable, to match your own style and to express your mood. Don't copy a magazine or a shop vitrine totally! Try to build your personal style and follow it through the trends made up by fashion. Remember, fashion is made to be unfashionable, but style never fades. You can try to be more creative also on hair and make up, even if is just for a rendez vous with friends. When you are a little different you'll be noticed for sure. Maybe also critised, true!:)) But it is worth it. Muah! Have a lovely Sunday all!