miercuri, 10 octombrie 2012

October in denim

Hello guys! I know I've let you waiting a while since my last post, but although is autumn I've been very busy travelling and stuff!:)) I've been one week in Bucharest, where you practically don't have time even to sleep :p, then, here in my city was the local autumn Festival all weekend, and last but not least , I was in Cluj last weekend for the birthday of one of my best friends. So........life treats me good, I can't complain!:D October, the weather got colder and I can't wait to wear the fall/winter personal collection. As for today, here I am, all in denim! Kisses

I was wearing: Lovely lady denim jacket
                            Bershka skinny jeans
                           Stradivarius wedges
                          Gucci belt
                         H&M sunglasses
                        Leather bag

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